The new face of the Canadian barley industry will be represented by all sectors of the value chain.

The executive of the Barley Council of Canada was elected at its first AGM in Calgary this past week.

Warner, Alberta farmer Brian Otto of the Western Barley Growers Association was elected as president and chair, while Chantelle Donahue from Cargill Canada will sit as vice-president and vice-chair.

Otto says the board will work on behalf of all barley stake holders. 

“As industry members and farmers, our Board recognizes the importance of equal representation at the table,” said Otto. “With key sector representation at the executive level, we can provide real value for all members.”

While Donahue, who is originally from Biggar, Saskatchewan,  is looking to build a strong future for barley.

“Building the national barley council has taken commitment and collaboration across the value-chain,” said Donahue. “It’s been a tremendous journey, and I look forward to further strengthening the Canadian barley industry in 2014.”

Henry Van de Velde of Hylife Ltd. and Patrick Rowan of BARI Canada will serve as secretary and treasurer respectively.

The full executive and board is as follows:

--  Chair: Brian Otto, Western Barley Growers Association
--  Vice-chair: Chantelle Donahue, Cargill Canada
--  Treasurer: Patrick Rowan, BARI Canada
--  Secretary: Henry Van de Velde, Hylife Ltd.

--  Aaron Beattie, University of Saskatchewan College of Agriculture
--  Garnet Berge, B.C. Grain Producers 
--  Neil Campbell, PEI Grain Elevators Corp
--  Don Dewar, Manitoba Barley and Wheat
--  John Holliday, Canada Malting Company
--  Jason Lenz, Alberta Barley 
--  William Van Tassel, FPCCQ