Calgary (Rural Roots Canada) – A new grazing program through ALUS Canada is showing promise in delivering support to producers implementing an intensive rotational grazing system.

Chad Ritter is the ALUS Coordinator for Parkland County.

Ritter says the Grazing Forward program can help producers looking for support with their intensive rotational grazing systems.

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He says there are many advantages of being part of this program.

In Parkland County, Ritter says they have several grazing forward programs set up that range anywhere from a quarter section to multiple quarter sections.

In the program, producers are allowed to break their grazing program up into however many separate size paddocks they wish, allowing them to take into consideration factors such as herd size, and how they want their grazing operation to work.

“The cool thing about ALUS is it really gives the freedom to the producer to design a program or a project that works for them.”

Ritter says joining the program starts with a phone to your local municipality if they are participating in the ALUS program.

The next step will be a conversation with your ALUS coordinator, which will likely include a site visit, so the work on a proposal that works for your operation can begin.

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He says each community has its own partnership advisory committee, which are made up fo producer member and stakeholder partners.

“When project proposals come about, there’s a great quantity of expertise that can go back to the participant to provide feedback for additional resources and further developing the project.”

Ritter says all of these things will help ensure success.

For more information on the ALUS program, click here.



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