Alberta based FarmOn’s #Farmvoices campaign has taken off in Australia.

Future Farmers Network General Manager Ben Graham tells Rural Roots Canada they already knew about Farmvoices when FarmOn approached them.

“Some of our board members and staff had actually followed their campaign from last year in Canada and we were quite impressed with it and it was just kinda luck that they contacted us and wanted us to get involved,” said Graham.

Graham says the Internet has made the world a smaller place and that’s why campaigns like this work so well.

“The technology advancements in every generation changes the dynamics of the industry and how it operates and in our generation social media is emerging and it is part and parcel to how we communicate.  For instance some people choose to Facebook me or tweet me instead of email me.  It is a very legitimate form of self – expression and also communication.”

Graham says this campaign helps show the general public in their country that agriculture is relevant to their everyday lives.

The Future Farmers Network advocates and provides support for people who work in all sectors of the agriculture industry in Australia between the ages of 16 and 35.

The #FarmVoices campaign uses Earth Day in April every year to advocate farmer’s stories to consumers.