The hot button topics of the cattle industry will be front and centre at a conference being put on by the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Veterinarian Medicine next month.

The 4th annual UCVM Beef Cattle Conference is once again attracting a number of professionals from the cattle industry who are at the top of their respected fields to speak to producers.

Faculty of Veterinarian Medicine’s Professor John Kastelic tells Rural Roots Canada the conference will cover off topics such as codes of practice, parasites in cattle, a calf-management survey as well as presentations on growth and reproduction.

“Our goal is to provide people working in the beef-cattle industry with practical information and also background information regarding their industry,” said Kastelic.  “To give them an opportunity to interact with some of some of the leading researchers both here at the university and from other institutions in western Canada and elsewhere and to provide feedback and ideas about their concerns and interests and things that are relevant to them.  So it is really a nice way for the researchers and the industry people to get together and rub shoulders and get to know one another exchange information and that information definitely flows both ways.”

Kastelic says there is more to this conference than presentations, it also includes hands-on workshops, which makes it unique.

“The first workshop is on calves and calving, the second workshop is on bovine lameness and you have to register for only one of these because they will be running concurrently.”

Kastelic says they have seen a steady rise in attendance in each of the years they have held this conference.

The conference takes place on June 19th and 20th

It will take place at the Deerfoot Inn and Casino.

You can find out more about the conference and register for it by clicking here.