Niagara Falls (Rural Roots Canada) — Breaking the age-old stereotype that leaders need to have years and years of experience.

Steph Kowalski is an Agronomy Lead with Sollio Agriculture, specifically supporting the Agromart group.

She was one of many speakers at the Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference in Niagara Falls.

Kowalski says businesses, organizations, and farms must recognize that they have leaders in their midst under the age of 30.

“We always think of leaders as someone with tenured and seasoned, been through their career, who knows everything, what we often overlook is those leaders who are asking those one or two sharp questions in the room,” said Kowalski.

She adds its essential to feed this culture to develop these young leaders, and conferences like the Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference are a great way to do that.”

She says she has experience in this area.

“I’m in a bit of a unique situation, I’m in a leadership role, and I’m under 30. So, when they asked me to speak, I felt this was a great opportunity, it’s a unique spot from the industry that I’m coming from.”

AWCA: Gaining a seat at the Table

She adds that conferences like the Advancing Women in Agriculture conference is a great place to branch out and show leadership skills.

“Don’t be intimidated there’s a lot of people here, it’s a large conference, that makes me excited it’s an even bigger pool to get to know people. I meet people at this conference all day; we have mutual connections, not just out of the blue. We always end up knowing someone that knows someone and have a lot of fun together.”

For more information and to register for the next Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference, click here.

Rural Roots Canada is a proud sponsor of the Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference.



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