Meet Lacey McCrae of Vermilion, AB, our AYFR feature board member and a true farmHer.  Lacey grew up on a ranch west of Prince George, BC.  Her journey brought her out to the prairies where she met her husband, Andrew McCrae and settled down farming alongside him north of Vermilion, AB.  They grain farm with his family, as well as calve out about 350 commercial black Angus cattle themselves.   Lacey also has a small herd of purebred Charolais with Misty Hills Charolais.



Lacey became involved with the AYFR last spring at the annual Rock the Farm event.  Having a mixed farm herself, she was intrigued by an organization that spanned the commodity groups and brought all young farmers together.  She likes the idea of having a big picture perspective, being unified, and working together for positive results across the agriculture sector.  She enjoys the networking aspect and believes there is so much to learn.



To actively pursue her interest in learning within the agriculture sector, Lacey pursued the CYL (Cattlemen’s Young Leaders) program and was selected at the Canadian Beef Industry Conference 2017 to be a participant. The program is a yearlong mentor ship program with a mentor selected for each men-tee in a specific area of interest. The program is full of opportunities to travel and learn across the country, and even gives access to international travel.




Lacey is excited to be involved with AYFR and looks forward to attending the CYFF conference, Feb 23-26 in Saskatoon.  She encourages other young farmers to join her at the conference as it will be a great opportunity to network and learn from young farmers not just in your own province, but from across Canada.  ‘I hope AYFR can help build community across the lines of commodity groups and provide strength, stability and support for all those involved in agriculture now and into the future.’


          (If you’re looking for a great bull come to Vermilion Charolais Group bull sale April 7, 2018 at North central Livestock Exchange, Vermilion)