The Cattlemen’s Young Leaders (CYL) development program, a national youth initiative by the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA), provides outstanding mentorship opportunities to young beef cattle enthusiasts. The program is geared toward those aged 18-35 interested in developing their industry leadership skills or career potential within the Canadian beef cattle industry. Included in the 16 participants selected for the 2015/16 year are young researchers Brittany Wiese and Elizabeth Homerosky.

The BCRC is proud to sponsor the CYL program to support engagement of researchers with industry. Engaging researchers who study cattle, beef, genetics, feed or forage production with the Canadian beef cattle industry is mutually beneficial; it allows researchers to be better informed of industry needs and more likely to share their findings with a practical, solution-based focus. Facilitating and encouraging their attendance to industry events and networking with industry professionals is extremely valuable.


Photo (L-R): Brittany and Brian on a tour of  Cargill as part of the CYL mentorship program.

Brittany Wiese holds an animal science degree from the University of Alberta, as well as her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine. She is currently working on her Master of Science (MSc) degree, investigating the effects of subacute ruminal acidosis on animal health.

The CYL program paired Brittany with Brian Perillat, Manager at Canfax.

“It has truly been a life changing experience for me. It provides countless opportunities to attend provincial, national and international conferences and industry events and facilitates networking between upcoming and current industry leaders. Through Brian, I have attended many supplemental industry events and gained new perspectives, all while learning many new things in my areas of interest.

The last 10 months have truly been incredible, and as my knowledge of the many facets of the Canadian beef industry has grown, so has my pride in what we do.  The CYL program has really given me the opportunity to see how so many different people, with different backgrounds and specializations, come together with the common good of the beef industry in mind.”

– Brittany Wiese, 2015/16 CYL Mentee


Photo (L-R): Elizabeth and Tom at Tom’s family ranch, Antelope Butte Ranch, during the Genomics for Profit field day.

Elizabeth Homerosky holds an animal science degree and DVM from the Ohio State University, and is currently working on a 3 year fellowship that combines a MSc and clinical residency, conducting research on newborn calf vigour and effects of dystocia on pre-weaning growth and health. Elizabeth was paired with Tom Lynch-Staunton, Issues Manager for the CCA and Manager of Government Relations for the Alberta Beef Producers.

“CYL has served as a tremendous opportunity to meet beef industry leaders and enthusiasts all across Canada and expand my professional network. As a beef-cattle veterinarian and current graduate student at the University of Calgary, many of my professional goals focus on enhancing my understanding of industry issues and being able to effectively communicate research in the veterinary field to producers.

I have accompanied Tom to number of meetings and conferences, allowing me to learn first hand about industry relations and knowledge translation, as well as genomics and sustainability. I hope to take all I have learned and apply it throughout my career as a beef cattle veterinarian.

I strongly encourage any young beef industry enthusiasts to apply to the CYL mentorship program. The knowledge and experience you will gain and connections you will make are invaluable.”

– Elizabeth Homerosky. 2015/16 CYL Mentee

www.CattlemensYoungLeaders.comIn Summer 2016, at the inaugural Canadian Beef Industry Conference, a new group of mentees will be selected from across Canada. Finalists will be paired with industry leaders to begin a 10-month mentorship. Each participant is given a $2000 budget to attend various industry events and meetings with their mentor. CYL also provides participants with opportunities to travel internationally to network with leaders and peers in other nations.

Applications for the 2016/17 program are currently open. The deadline to apply is March 31, 2016. Visit and follow CYL on Twitter and on Facebook for more information.

The BCRC’s Beef Researcher Mentorship Program complements the CYL program by providing similar mentorship opportunities for applied researchers who may not be eligible for the CYL program.

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Source: Latest from Beef Cattle Research Council