Bittersweet victory for High River man competing in tractor pull in memory of his father @stampedeag

Randy Niemans leans way, way back in the seat of his father’s John Deere 80 hoping to pull the sled just a few more feet… even a few more inches in the final pull to help him and his family claim top prize.
The extra little effort appears to have a worked as the High River, Alberta native took home top prize in Class 6 of the Vintage Tractor Pull at the Calgary Stampede.

For Randy and his family, just taking part in the event is bittersweet as it comes only a week after his father, Bill, passed away. Bill had been a staple at pulls for the last 6 to 7 years and had been scheduled to take part in this event until his passing. Randy, who stepped in to take his place in his memory says winning was the icing on the cake.