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The distance from Harris, Missouri to Calgary is about 1830 miles.

But, it’s a trip Runt Rageth and his horse Burdock love to make every year, even more so this year as they took home the top prize.

“Calgary is such a fun deal to come to and I just hope to continue to get invited to come up here because it is so much fun. The people, everything you see and do here in Calgary by far the best in the world,” says Rageth.

Rageth tells Rural Roots Canada they didn’t get off to a great start right away.

“My first go-around was a little tough, my horse slipped off a bridge, and kinda got stove-up, we iced him down had his foot in a bucket for about 30 minutes, and trying to get some swelling out of it.  Just had some little bobbles, that in this line of competitors that we have here you stub your toe one time and they’ll get by ya.”

Rageth says the Stampede has the toughest obstacles in the world.

“They’re by far the most unique and well-built obstacles we even get close to competing on there’s no comparison to the obstacles here anywhere else in the world, these are by far the best.”

Dave Cowley and his horse Tucker from Cochrane, AB finished as Reserve Champion and Strathmore’s Jim Anderson and Marilyn Monroe finished third in the event.

Dave Cowley and Tucker from Cochrane, AB making it look easy. #cowboyup #stampedeag

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2-time Calgary Stampede champ Jim Anderson and Marilyn Monroe show off their precision work. #cowboyup #stampedeag

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