A chuckwagon driver will be in good company at this year’s Calgary Stampede.

As John Walters from Delburne, Alberta  prepares for the Calgary Stampede he knows the tarp on the back of his chuckwagon will carry the logo of the Brakemen Foundation, which is making waves in the local community.

The foundation is an organization which raises money to support children in the Calgary area.

Co-Founder Derek Krivak explains how they use this as a fundraiser.

“Well Earl Hale and myself have been involved with chuckwagon racing for about four years and what we were noticing was this trend of companies buying the rights to these chuckwagon tarps and then parceling out those nights for set amounts of monies,” said Krivak.  “So as we were seeing this trend move in that direction we thought if we could do the same and put a moderate fee over and above and donate those profits so we set that up.”

Krivak says last year they donated $40-thousand to the Brown Bag Society of Calgary, which gives school kids in need across the city  a lunch everyday.

They have also bought Darcy Flatt’s tarp this year as well.

To find out more about the Brakemen Foundation and how to volunteer click here.