A nation-wide initiative which has really grown in the past year has gained two international partners.

As we celebrated Earth Day earlier this week farmers across the country pushed FarmOn’s very successful #FarmVoices campaign, they were joined by voices of farmers in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Farm-On Foundation Director Sarah Wray tells Rural Roots Canada, it didn’t take much to get the Future Farmers Network of Australia and The Farming Forum from the United Kingdom on board.

“Last year the partnership came out naturally,” said Wray.  “A lot of them had contacted us last year and see how they could get involved and this year we started off a little bit smaller to see how we could support more organizations to get more involved, and hopefully next year we can expand that into more countries and have more people take the initiative on their own in their own countries and make it their own in ways of promotion.”

Wray says this will go a long ways towards educating consumers about farming around the world.

“Part of the success of #FarmVoices it’s really important to us that the stories that are told, are told by real farmers so every picture you see is actually someone who is out there doing it, it is not edited it’s completely the real side of farming.”

Wray says they have seen tremendous growth in the use of the FarmVoices hashtag since it was launched on last year’s Earth Day.

The FarmOn Foundation is based in Bashaw, Alberta.