A leader with Corteva Agriscience says playing to your strengths and using your talents can lead to success in business and your personal life.

Sharyl Sauer is the North America and Platform Communications leader for Corteva Agriscience.

She spoke recently at the Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference in Calgary on the importance of using your talents to succeed in business and personal life and how to make sure they are not an obstacle.

“For example if you find yourself to be a consensus builder that can be really helpful in getting everyone on the same page, but

Courtesy: Advancing Women in Agriculture

you can also spend too much time trying to build consensus when you really just need to make a decision and move on,” said Sauer.   “So again just talking about how to play to your strengths.”

 She says it is important to be self-aware and get feedback.

“Whether that is to take a personality test or a lot of career coaching tests to ask a trusted colleague or family member or spend some time thinking about it yourself.  I think it is always good to do self reflection and think how can I do better or am I presenting myself the way that I want to.”

Sauer says by doing this it helps with self confidence and helps you work on your weaknesses.

“I think to be self aware is a gift, and feedback is a gift. To understand what your strengths are and again what you need to work on is a real good opportunity, everybody has something they can do better.”

The next Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference happens in Niagara Falls, Ontario on October 15 and 16.   For more information and to register click here.

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