The Calgary Stampede isn’t just the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.  The 2014 edition proved to be a life changing moment for a young boy from the United States.

 Jet has been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness and through the Make-A-Wish Foundation wanted to meet a real life cowboy.

 Well his dream came true at the Cowboy Up Challenge when following a run from former champion Glenn Stewart of Fort St. John, British Columbia, Jet raced onto the infield in front of over 7,000 cheering fans to meet that one person he’d come all the way to Canada to see.

 Glen picks up the story from there.

 “They brought him down and introduced us and I was able to hang one of the Calgary Stampede participant flags on his shirt,” explained Stewart.

 “They gave him a number 12.  My stallions name is Jet and his name is Jet so that was fantastic and we put him up in the saddle and rode around and he got to wave to the crowd. Then we finished up and went outside and he rode my horse some more after my run.”

 Stewart adds he was proud to be part of it pointing out, “I don’t think there was a dry eye in the arena when Jet rode around in there waving to everybody to it was fantastic.”

 Even though they only spent a short time together there’s no doubting the impact that moment had on Jet’s life.

 “He said I’m his new hero so that made my day,”  recalled Stewart.