This year’s CowboyUp! Competition at the Calgary Stampede is once again from Alberta.  Kateri Cowley showed poise, skill and flash during her runs last week. The cowgirl from Exshaw had a lot of supporters in the crowd, which were boisterous anytime she took to the obstacle course.

Cowley tells Rural Roots Canada she thinks the Calgary Stampede is the best show you can compete in.

“The Calgary Stampede puts on such an amazing show every year and there was definitely no slack in there for sure,” said Cowley. “And I’m so pleased and honoured to be here for the Cowboy Up! Challenge.  It’s the most fun that you can have on horseback.”

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One of the people competing against her this year was her brother, David, creating an interesting dynamic both competitive and supportive.

“We’re friendly competition though, we’re still cheering each other on and everybody behind the scenes is still cheering each other on it’s quite good for sure and everyone is high fiving each other in the background and encouraging everybody else It’s a great sportsmanship thing too.”

David says he’s seen a lot of growth in the event his sister and in himself.

“Well Kateri has grown alot she did me proud today, and even myself.  Well even myself, I have really gravitated to it,” said David adding,  “it’s such a fun experience a fun way to work on your horsemanship and your partnership.  What can I say my sister did an amazing job today and I’m really proud of her.”

He says where they grew up gave them a chance to be around horses all the time.

“Well Rafter Six Ranch is where we both grew up it’s out in Kananaskis country and right now we’re doing trail rides out there and wilderness camps it’s beautiful trails along the Kananaskis rivers nice way to get the tourists out to see the countryside.”

Kateri says it is so good to see so many competitors coming up for the U.S. for this event.

“Absolutely, every time it’s so good to welcome our American friends up here and have them compete with us too and we’re hoping to compete in the States in the world finals too,” says Kateri.

She added her gratitude for being able to compete at the Calgary Stampede.

Lee Hart from Topeka Kansas finished second, while Harris, Missouri’s Runt Rageth finished third.

He says he always enjoys coming up for this event.

“Calgary Stampede is probably the premiere Cowboy race in the world and to get to come back here, to get invited back here and I don’t want to miss that chance ever if I get an invite I’m going to come back,” said Rageth.