Plans for the second annual Canadian Beef Industry Conference are quickly coming together.

The conference set for August 15 to 17 will be a jammed pack few days, with business meetings, live cattle demonstrations and Bov-Innovation sessions amongst other events.

Tracy Herbert, Extension and Communications Director for the Beef Cattle Research Council, elaborates on the Bov-Innovation sessions.

“Bov-Innovation is what we call the sessions for producers that offer science-based production advice,” said Herbert.   “So they’re presented by researchers and producers together we give the real theory to practice perspective the Bov-Innovation sessions will be short and engaging.  It will leave both cow-calf and feeders with some useful information and practical tools and innovative ideas that they can implement on their operations if they choose when they get home from the conference.  It was standing room only at Bov-Innovation last year.”

Herbert says Bov-Innovation will focus on three different topics this year.

“How to prevent wrecks in reproduction and to optimize animal performance by analyzing your feeds so you know exactly what nutrients and energy your animals truly have available to them, and to what extent you’re dealing with mycotoxins, rather than relying on hopes or assumptions, which could cause some problems that may or may not be obvious.”

The presentation will be done by the University of Saskatchewan’s John McKinnon along with a producer who will answer some common questions about how to understand feed test lab results.

“Other Bov-Innovation sessions will cover replacement heifer development, both economic and reproductive factors, and how the average commercial cattle producer can use genomic selection tools to make tangible differences in their herds.”

This year’s conference is taking place at the BMO Centre and Agrium Western Events Centre in Calgary.

For more information on the conference or to register click here.