Any chance of a quick resolution to the trade dispute with China over  the export of canola seed is all but gone.

As the trade war intensifies, the Canola Council of Canada says Chinese importers are unwilling to import canola seed and technical discussions to this point have shown no indication an immediate resolution is on the horizon.

The move is being seen as a major blow as China accounts for 40 per cent of all canola seed, oil and meal exports.  The CCC reports seed exports alone accounted for $2.7-billion last year.

President Jim Everson says they’re disappointed that differing viewpoints cannot be resolved quickly.

“Under the circumstances, Canadian canola seed exporters who normally ship to China have no alternative but to supply customers in other countries who value high quality Canadian canola,” said Everson.

This has prompted the CCC to urge the federal government to intensify efforts to resolve the situation.

“Canadian ministers and government officials have responded quickly to Chinese concerns, however, technical discussions are unlikely to lead to an immediate resolution.”

Everson says producers will continue to export high quality canola and promote stable trade based on science.



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