Langham (Rural Roots Canada) – Am I getting the most out of my combine?

It’s a vital question for farmers. As combine technology changes, it can be daunting to try and figure out the proper settings to ensure you are mitigating the amount of grain you are losing out of the back of the combine.

Enter Combine Settings, a web-based, peer-to-peer app born out of the frustration of sifting through online forums and social media for validated settings proven on the ground.

Megan Madden is the co-owner of Combine Settings. Madden says the spark for it came from her business partner, Trevor Scherman, owner of Schergain Solutions System who has an invention aimed at helping farmers during harvest.

“They invented a drop pan to measure harvest losses, and once people found out what they were losing behind the combine, they asked, “How do I fix it?”

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The platform has emerged as a place to centralize the wealth of insights, options, and settings already scattered throughout the internet. Users from across the globe can access a diverse array of data, spanning combine types, styles, manufacturers, geographies, and weather conditions. It empowers users to modify, vote on, and share settings that work, building a global community where knowledge is quickly and efficiently shared.

A soft launch of the platform is underway. 

“Everyone is really excited about it. We have a growing user base that’s faster than expected,” says Madden. 

The platform is now open for user feedback and beta testing, receiving positive responses and praise for its transformative potential. It also recently secured the Innovation Award in Business Solutions at the Ag in Motion Outdoor Expo. 

As gains momentum, its mission remains steadfast: to help farmers optimize their yields. With its user-driven innovation and global insights, the platform redefines traditional farming practices and sets a new standard for efficiency.

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