The competition was fierce, but in the end, two agricultural innovators stood head and shoulders above the rest at the 39th Agri-Trade Equipment Expo. 

The annual event was the battlefield for ag tech innovators across Alberta, Canada, and the world. As part of the Ag Innovations competition, five finalists vied for the $20,000 grand prize.

Photo: Tim Parent

The question asked of judges and farmers alike was simple – does the company’s product solve an urgent or significant challenge faced by ag producers? Following a brief, five-minute pitch from each finalist, votes were cast. 

Spider-Hitch was ultimately crowned the Ag Innovations Judges Choice Award and the $20,000. It’s a unique hitching system that allows a single operator to quickly and safely hook up headers behind combines, eliminating the danger of people working near or under large machinery while in motion.

The Farmers’ Choice Award and its $5,000 prize went to Ground Truth Ag, a system that allows farmers to analyze grain in real-time during harvest, giving them insights into the quality of the crop. That immediate analysis helps farmers to make informed decisions on marketing, crop inputs, soil management, and inventory optimization to maximize on-farm value. 

Photo: Tim Parent

Kyle Folk, CEO of Ground Truth Ag, says the win at Agri-Trade is a big confidence booster. 

“Having the votes from the farmers means a lot. Knowing that our product is something that they see as something that can help them on their farm means everything to us. It validates everything we’re doing,” says Folk.

The three other finalists also presented products and ideas that demonstrate the spirit of innovation driving agriculture forward. They include:  

AGRA GPS: AGRA GPS introduced the CRG, the first non-John Deere receiver fully compatible with JD Displays. The device supports all four satellite systems, comes unlocked with RTK, and boasts sub-inch accuracy. With the inclusion of a JD-Bridge, the CRG enables John Deere displays to autosteer machines from various manufacturers, providing farmers with unprecedented compatibility. asks a simple question: Am I getting the most out of my combine? Its peer-to-peer, information-sharing platform helps answer that question by centralizing combine settings data that farmers can share directly and globally, saving time and increasing profitability.

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M-MRWS/WaterSaub: A new mechanism and structure of an irrigation dripper with a fixed discharged rate and Anti Clogging Device. The M-MRWS, produced by the Danesh Mehvar Artakhe (WaterSuAb) company in Iran, offers advantages such as uniform output flow, anti-clogging capabilities, and the passage of particles with a diameter of up to 1500 microns. The tech addresses critical challenges in irrigation efficiency.

Innovation is the key to agriculture’s longevity in this country and beyond, and this year’s finalists are proof of that. The Ag Innovations program at Agri-Trade is a driving force for progress in the industry, encouraging new applicants to submit their groundbreaking ideas for years to come.