Consumers are getting a close up look at what life on the farm is really like and what it takes to produce the food people enjoy everyday.

Real Farm Lives is a series looking at the chores and lifestyle that farmers live everyday in hopes of bridging the gap between rural and urban.

The feature looks at three farm families in Saskatchewan and Ontario over six-episodes.

One of those families is the Englots from Montmartre, Saskatchewan.

Norman, Loretta, Luc, Madison and DJ call Costa Lotta Farms home, where they farm over three-thousand acres of soybeans, canola and durum.

Madison, who is currently studying agronomy at the University of Saskatchewan says they were quick to raise their hands to do this because they felt it was important.

“I really think us as farmers need to stand up and really promote who we are as people, we’re part of this industry and eating the same food we are producing,” says Madison.

Her Dad, Norm, echoes those comments.

“We felt it was important to inform the non-farming people out there where their food originates and stuff like that, to show we are business-people and we care what we are doing and growing the food chain,” says Norm.

The Renwicks, who farm near Wheatley, Ontario, have been working the land they are currently on since 1820.

Nearly 200 years and seven generations later the family still takes great pride in helping feed the world.

Chris, his wife Rachel and parents Tom and Karen run the farm, while passing along their wisdom on to their kids Melyse, Shawn and Sadie.

Chris says he hopes this helps create trust.

“People need to understand why we are doing things and how we are doing things and hopefully that will help build more trust and build better relationships between rural and urban people,” says Chris.

CropLife Canada is the organization behind the series.

President and CEO Pierre Petelle says a recent a survey by the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity shows 93 per cent of Canadians have little to no connection to the farm.

“That was the genesis of it to try and reach average Canadians through average farm families and have an opportunity to share their story,” says Petelle.

The filming was completely unscripted and it was incredible just to watch the excitement and pride that the farm family displayed while doing their regular routines.

To view the video series click here.



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