Calgary (Rural Roots Canada) – The 2024 Women in Ag Awards shone a light on outstanding female leaders in the agriculture sector during a ceremony held alongside the AWC West 2024 conference.

Among this year’s winners was Charlotte Wasylik of Chatsworth Farm in Vermilion, Alberta. Wasylik was awarded the Rising Star award, given to a young leader under 40 who demonstrates a passion for the agriculture industry, shows exceptional promise, and advocates for agriculture.

“It was such a thrilling moment to get the phone call,” says Wasilyk, who expressed her gratitude for the win. “That AFSC is doing this to recognize women in agriculture, it’s really important and very much appreciated.”

Nominated by her colleague and friend, Wasylik’s selection as The Rising Star highlights her unique contributions and forward-thinking digital mindset. At Chatsworth Farm, Wasylik utilizes the digital space to offer virtual glimpses into its daily operations, from nurturing newborn calves and piglets to caring for the chickens.

Women in Ag

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“What I’m doing is being a little more present online,” she says. “But it’s getting to be more common. More and more people are making the leap and showing their farm online.”

Through social media posts and virtual farm tours, Wasilyk says her goal is to bridge the gap between urban consumers and agricultural realities, showcasing the beauty and significance of farm life.

“You might think those daily moments are mundane, but for someone who’s never been to a farm or knows what goes on, it’s something unique and special.”

Attending her first Women in Ag Conference, Wasylik expressed excitement about connecting with fellow female industry professionals.

“It’s a must-attend event. It gives us the opportunity to talk about the important things within agriculture and the issues women face. It was great. It was a lot of fun to be up there with them.”

This year’s winners included:

Andrea Hanson, The Promoter
Kelly Wobeser-Sidoryk, The Community Builder
Emilee Oro, The AFSC Employee
Penny Miller, The Operator
Skyler Vander Velde, The Innovator
Charlotte Wasylik, The Rising Star
Josie Van Lent, The Professional Leader
Iris Meck, The Notable Lifetime Achiever

You can find out more about all these recipients here.

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