Olds College and Calgary Economic Development have partnered to attract agricultural business and entrepreneurs to the region by creating a Smart Agri-Food Corridor.

There’s a lot of excitement in Olds College President Stuart Cullum’s voice when he talks about the possibilities brought about by the Memorandum of Understanding that was signed between the college and CED.

He says beyond creating an environment where agricultural businesses and entrepreneurs can thrive  it will also help farmers.

“We really want to see how Olds College can support technology companies develop into successful corporate entities,” said Callum.  “We’re hoping that more of that is demonstrated on our farm where our students can see what is next and with collaboration we will enable that.”

Cullum says consumers also stand to gain through the Agri-Food ‘100 kilometre corridor’.

“It’s a place for information exchange for the customer and they can know that the food that’s hitting  store shelves a lot of what has gone into getting that food there, is being grown, being developed, being financed, being supported right here in Alberta.”

Alberta currently exports agriculture and food products to more than 140 different countries.



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