Farm succession planning, the weather, marketing crops and the latest agriculture tech were talked about a lot for three days this past week at Northlands in Edmonton.

The three-day Farm Tech conference brings together people from across the agriculture industry every year.

Alberta Barley Chairman Jason Lenz says the organizers really out do themselves.

“The job that the organizing committee does, when you bring 2,000 farmers into an event like that it takes a lot of planning everything from meal preparation to the shuttle bus schedule, but mostly planning topics that are relevant to us in the pasture and looking into upcoming years,” says Lenz.

It’s estimated about two thousand people attended the conference, which is being hailed a complete success.

“The organizers do a really good job of finding new topics and expanding on some topics that need to be done from previous years, that’s really a strength.”

Lenz points to Olympic medallist Clara Hughes’ speech about the triumphs and struggles in her life as one of the high points.

Lenz says he’s already excited for next year’s event.