Despite the recent volatility in the cattle markets, there’s nothing but confidence at Soderglen Ranches ahead of their 2017 Bull Sale, which goes Saturday at the ranch northwest of Airdrie, Alberta.

Seedstock – Cow Herd Manager Jared Sherman tells Rural Roots Canada they have more bulls for sale than in past years.

“We are going to sell 310 bulls on sale day from the breeds we have produced for the past almost 20 years”

Those breeds include Black Angus, Red Angus, Simmental, Charolais, CCM and MAX hybrid.

Sherman says the markets are still strong despite the recent volatility.

“We’re still seeing the second highest prices that we have ever experienced in this business so the market is good, it’s strong and it’s stable and that’s the best thing for us is stability,” says Sherman.  “Our cow guys that are in our core customer base, this is their business, their business is raising beef. We find these guys are more stable than they were 20 to 15 years ago and they need bulls.”

Sherman also points to the fact their customers are looking for bulls that will fit into their programs long-term.

“The commodity markets and the futures price does affect these guys absolutely on a day-to-day basis, but the decisions they make now, unlike a lot of years ago, go out more than day-to-day, they are two to three to five to 10 year decisions that they make.”

An addition to this year’s sale is that there will be three ranch horses up for sale.

Customer service and quality are priorities at Soderglen, as they want to make sure they deliver what their customers need for their operation.

“That goes from bull warranties, bull guarantees, to us showing up helping programs to develop what our customers need done to hit their target goals help supply genetics to what they are trying to do whether that be raising their females or raising terminal cross cattle for feedlot use.”

“We believe we are providing a very, very  superior product as far as quality goes to the business, meaning those bulls are going to go out and get done in each individual operation what we target them to do.”

For more on the sale including on how to bid click here.

And if you missed out on the sale or need more bulls than what you were able to buy on sale day, Sherman says they will have an extra pen of two year olds that you can contact them about.