Angus and Hereford cattle are the talk of two Western Canadian towns to close out the month of July as junior producers from both breeds hold their annual national meetings. 

Karla Ness with the Canadian Angus Association tells Rural Roots Canada Junior Angus producers will convene in Armstrong, B.C for their annual national meetings.

“It’s called showdown, it happens every year, and it’s four days long and it’s a mixture of showing cattle, public speaking, marketing, there’s a steak cook-off, there’s so many events for the juniors to be a part of.”

Ness says they will also discuss how to continue to educate the general public about Angus cattle.

For more on the Canadian Angus Association’s meeting click here.

Meanwhile in Brandon, Manitoba, the Hereford Association will hold its National Junior Show Bonanza.

Meghan Black from New Brunswick, tells Rural Roots Canada on top of showing cattle they have a number of items on the agenda.

“The juniors have their national board and the different projects that the junior association has are our heifer lottery project, semen donation, all those sorts of things will be discussed at the junior meeting,” says Black.   “Then the adult national Hereford meeting, which will be live broadcast as well, we are going to have a couple speakers, and then we are going to have our pedigree, show committee and marketing meetings.”

For more on the Canadian Hereford Association’s meeting click here.

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