Irricana (Rural Roots Canada) – The Grain Academy has settled into its new home at Pioneer Acres in Irricana, Alberta.

The doors were supposed to open in 2020 after moving from the Calgary Stampede grounds in 2019, but COVID delayed that.

Pioneer Acres president Bob Swanson says they put the additional time to good use.

“It gave us extra time to do the little touch-ups to improve things here and get it up and running.”

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In 2021, a quick show took place, but this year, history is now fully on display for everyone.

“In this building is basically the history of grain. The farmers came in, broke up the land, seeded grain, and that was the big money maker at that time,” says Swanson.

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It also portrays the timeline of the era. The importance of the railroad getting grain to the ports across the country is a focal point.

“Our train display depicts how the grain was harvested and went through the elevator system which were in every little town and then went by train to the coast where it was sold overseas or wherever.”

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Swanson says they’re excited for their annual show happening August 5-7.

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