Saskatchewan (Rural Roots Canada) – It’s a fitting name for a big piece of farming equipment, one that’s turning heads in North America.

The Grain Giant is the brainchild of Vale Industries, based in Indian Head, Saskatchewan. The massive machine looks like an oversized grain cart but it’s something altogether different says Vale Industries co-owner Pieter Cruson.

“A lot of people assume it’s a big grain cart. It’s not. It’s a field bin so it’s mobile storage.”

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Modelled after technology used by Australian farmers, the Grain Giant is designed to streamline the harvest process and increase farm productivity. Instead of hauling the grain to a bin that may be kilometres away, the remote-controlled Grain Giant stores it on the field, allowing trucks to load up at the source.

Cruson says from a manpower perspective alone, it’s a time-saver.

“It can be controlled remotely so the truck driver can load himself which means the truck driver is never waiting for the grain cart or the combine. That’s what really attracts people to it.”

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The Grain Giant’s field storage specs are also giant-sized, boasting an impressive field storage capacity of 6,500 bushels and can handle a discharge rate of up to 550 bushels per minute. Other features include adjustable grain doors, clean-out doors, night vision capabilities, and remote monitoring. Operators have full control over grain flow which ensures precision during unloading.

With testimonials from farmers across Canada praising its performance, the Grain Giant could prove to be a giant game-changer in the agricultural industry.

Learn more about the Grain Giant here.

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