Calgary (Rural Roots Canada) – Herd management is vital in improving sustainability. Ensuring you have the most up-to-date, accurate management information and regulatory reporting data requires time and effort. 

Flokk aims to make that process as simple as possible. The Alberta-based company has developed a comprehensive digital integration system that gathers various herd information, allowing beef producers to be more efficient and providing more traceability reporting.

The Flokk systems includes a handheld device designed to be a producer’s constant companion in the field. Its robust software collects crucial herd data, provides real-time access to herd information, and allows complete Canadian traceability reporting. 

Jody Bell, field evaluation manager for Flokk, says field testing has proven effective. It has been tested on herds ranging from 20 heads to just over 400. Only a few changes were necessary to make the system more user-friendly for producers.

“We learned what’s important and what’s not for producers and made the changes necessary to have the best product for the producer.” 

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Mark Olson, president of Flokk, stresses the importance of knowing what to do with the data and traceability information, not just management of the herd. 

“Producers are intimately knowledgeable about their herds. They don’t need help understanding the management of their herd or improving its performance. Where they need help is taking the data and handing it off to various partners and regulators. It will be key to their operation in the next few years, and that’s where we’re focusing our work.” 

As herd management regulations change, Olson says that’s presented its own challenges. It has resulted in some important conversations with stakeholders. 

“The new regulations are more challenging than we expected. On the other hand, it’s a good engagement point with our many stakeholders to discuss the benefits and challenges of digitalized livestock and herd management.” 

To learn more about Flokk, you can visit the website. 

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