Grains in Action 2013 – Grain Farmers of Ontario

Introducing: Erin Leduc, Wanna Make It Farm, Moose Creek, Ontario

Erin helps manage the marketing and sales side of Wanna Make It Farm, a cash crop farm in Moose Creek, Ontario which buys and sells grain, sells Mycrogen seed corn and offers trucking and land clearing services.

For an indepth look at their services:

Erin brings a strong passion for agriculture and networking with industry stakeholders.  She is also a strong advocate for young farmers and for agriculture as a career.

Organizers for Grains in Action 2013 are putting out the word about their annual event.

Two years ago I had the opportunity to participate in Grains in Action program which is put forth by the Grain Farmers of Ontario.  The goal of the program is to foster young agriculture leaders by exposing them to different experiences in the agriculture sector and providing knowledge on various sectors in the industry. The program is open to people under the age of 35 years old.

I was among 30 other individuals and had the privilege of venturing through the Sarnia grain terminal, Dover Flour Mills, Chatham Greenfield Ethanol Plant, Blythe Brae Farms Ltd and sit it on several presentations from Guelph University, Canadian Grain Commission and Agricorp.

The program also involved a great social setting to help build and create lasting networks amongst the group and the presenters.  The session started with a whiskey sampling on the first evening and along with several well catered luncheons fueled with great group discussions.  One of our final meals involved the Borealis restaurant in Guelph which sources foods from within 100 mile radius.

After completing the program I left with a better understanding of the Grain Farmers of Ontario and a well-rounded knowledge of the many ways grains are used in our lives and a new network of individuals that I continue to be in touch with to this day.

Here is all of the information for this coming year’s event:

Grains in Action 2013—calling for applicants

Grain Famers of Ontario is looking for young and motivated individuals with a budding career or aspiration to work in the diverse and growing agriculture industry to apply for the opportunity to participate in its annual course—Grains in Action.

According to a study released by the University of Guelph’s Ontario Agricultural College (OAC), in Ontario, three jobs exist for every agriculture graduate with a bachelor’s degree, making the industry more attractive to both those with and without a traditional farm background.

The Grains in Action program is designed to inspire and foster young agricultural leaders, providing them with knowledge and experience while building supportive relationships to cultivate a career in the field of grain production.

Who: Open to Ontario applicants under the age of 35 years old.

When: The 2013 Grains in Action course will be offered in two sessions, January 28–31 and February 19–22, 2013

Where:  Both courses will start at the Hilton Hotel in Guelph

What will be covered: Grains in Action participants will leave the course with a deeper appreciation of all viewpoints of the grain industry- from the perspective of the grower, buyer, and end user.  Program participants can look forward to three days filled with unique opportunities, including:

·         a tour of the Dover Flour Mill and a biodiesel facility

·         discussions on government relations for the grain community

·         a chance to network with industry leaders and decision makers, such as Barry Senft, CEO of Grain Farmers of Ontario, representatives from Agrifood Canada, the Canadian Grain Commission and more.

·         an opportunity to relax and celebrate the many ways grains are used in our lives with a whiskey tasting at Spirits Canada.

 Why should you participate? Program graduates can make connections with industry leaders and establish valuable relationships with peers from across the country, creating a strong support network for viable future in the industry.

If you, or someone you know, are interested in participating in the program, contact Valerie Gilvesy, Grain Farmers of Ontario Member Relations Coordinator, at 226-979-5581 or

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