(Growing the Future Podcast) – Terry and Holden Aberhart chat with Warren Bills about connecting agriculture, food, and health.

Helping agriculture evolve through its digital era is Warren’s passion.

Warren’s energy and enthusiasm comes through finding new opportunities and building business strategies that fit cleanly into the value chain for farmers, agribusiness, and society.

Warren has collaborated through a range of experiences inside entrepreneurial and corporate environments, grounded deeply with a farm background and digital agronomy specialty.

Currently, Warren manages commercialization and partnerships in North America for Xarvio – BASF’s digital farming group.

Warren, his wife Rebecca, and their 4 children enjoy a great variety of experiences from our home just outside Calgary, Alberta.

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In this episode:

-how their families are holding up in the COVID Crisis
-how the COVID ERA is more like our parent’s time
-the good side and the bad side of the quarantine
-Lichelle’s homeschooling strategy
-Warren’s home economics educational musings
-Terry gets smacked upside the head by a teacher
-Terry can’t help but compulsively film family events
-the Aberharts get a chef to help them cook as a family
-Warren talks about his HELLO FRESH subscription
-how the ingredients of the food Aberhart Farms produces fits in
-how to get kids to eat healthy
-the convergence of ag/food/health
-how the “BEYOND BURGER” is produced
-Terry wants a “Star Wars” shake
-how Peter Diamonds get the perfect supplements every day
-Warren reveals the secrets of Singularity University
-3D Printing of food and ventilation masks
-Warren’s BIG Hairy Audacious Goals
-Terry speculates on connecting food with people in the future
-what Holden wants to do in the future
-how the current crisis is a wake-up call to reality

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