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  • Growing the Future Podcast: Cal Harrison from Soil Reader

    Imagine a device that can be installed on your farm equipment that soil tests in real-time, essentially bringing the lab to your soil. This is the promise of Soil Reader. Join Terry as he discusses the game-changing technology that Cal Harrison and the team at Soil Reader are bringing to the market.

  • Growing the Future Podcast: Bill Zimmer

    In this episode, Terry Aberhart and Bill Zimmer cover topics like millennials, consumers' influence on agriculture, the coming biological revolution, how producers should choose products and practices, and much more in ways that will give you hope for the future!

  • Growing the Future Podcast: Evan Shout

    Maverick Ag is a business risk management and insurance consulting company. Evan Shout discusses with Terry Aberhart how to move your farming business ahead with greater degrees of certainty and profitability!