(Growing the Future Podcast) – In this episode of GTF, Dan chats with Carissa Campeo, Co-founder of Trendi, and Craig McIntosh, CEO, and Co-founder of Trendi about the inevitable and outrageous food waste in industrialized countries.

Trendi uses robotics and automation in the food industry to reduce waste at the production level to transform it and distribute it for different purposes.
In this episode you will learn:

-How amazing Trendi is starting with Craig and Carissa’s inspiring journeys and experiences in the food and hospitality industry.

-Numbers and statistics about food waste will blow your mind and compel you to reassess your grocery shopping list.

-What is food insecurity and how it’s more prevalent than we think

-How food waste is produced through the food production chain ( from the fields to the grocery stores)

-Trendi’s mission and how the company is breaking the stigma around associated with waste

-What are Bioflakes and why it’s so revolutionary

-The high price we pay to get those perfectly cut veggies at the supermarket. You’ll never get them again!

-How as a farmer you can turn your waste into a sustainable product while creating another source of income. It’s a win win!

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