The agriculture community in Alberta was celebrated in style at Agriculture For Life’s Harvest Gala with everyone in attendance at the event in Calgary raising a glass to celebrate the organization and support its continued growth.

Board Chair Doug Beever tells Rural Roots Canada they are seeing first-hand the difference the programs are making.

“On farm safety you know it’s so dramatic the impressions you make, but also the impact you make, if you can prevent one accident the impact is just so tremendous,” said Beever.  “And then on the agriculture education side, the children understanding where their food comes from and not just where it comes from, but the impact it has on society and the impact it has on people around the world.”

Beever, who is the Senior Director of Sustainability and Stakeholder Relations at Agrium, says Ag For Life will continue to grow because of its current and prospective partners who all share a common passion for agriculture.

Alberta’s  Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Verlyn Olson tells Rural Roots Canada Agriculture for Life plays a big role in helping the public understand the role Alberta plays in feeding the world.

“In a few short years there are only going to be a handful of countries in the world that will be net exporters of food, it’s very important to us to make sure that people are aware of these issues that relate to food,” said Olson.

Olson says the Harvest Gala is a unique and amazing showcase.