The heat is on all the time for blacksmiths when they’re not busy with clients, they are in the thick of competition in different parts of the world.  One place they won’t be making a stop at any more will be the Calgary Stampede.

Scotland’s David Varini and England’s Matthew Randles have both had “hot hands” in the last two World Championships at the Calgary Stampede and most can expect that to continue for both of them in the years to come, however it will not be at the Stampede as the event is not being brought back in 2015.

2013 Champ David Varini says this year’s competition was a hard one for many of the farriers who make the trek year after year.

Atmosphere wise, it’s the best place a competitor or a blacksmith that you can come and compete, quite a few of the guys here will be quite emotional that this will be the last time we were going to be here,” says Varini.

Randles, who was reserve champion in both 2013 and 2014, says he loves the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth and will have a hard time letting go.

I’m quite disappointed really because this is my third year here and I`m addicted to it, I love it.  I want to come back to it each year, what happens to it now, I don’t know what could take care of it really, absolutely amazing place to have it and amazing people around, it`s just a great atmosphere, I love it,” says Randles.

As for how they felt about their showing at this year’s event. Randles, who was in his third Stampede, says he’s been able to build a little bit each time.

First year I didn’t have a good year here but I learned lots about it second year, I was in the top five again, and I was reserve champion.

As for the defending champ, heading into this year, Varini says he struggled early and had to make up points.

Struggled to score points at the beginning pretty similar to last year, actually and then on the last day, I managed to score enough points to make top 10 and then continue through to the top 5.”


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