This year’s winner of the 2014 Calgary Stampede Livestock International Auctioneer Championship is no stranger to the auction block, in fact it runs in his blood.

Westlock, Alberta’s Travis Rogers is not the first member of his family with the gift for gab and he won’t be the last.

“I’m a third generation auctioneer, old Buck Rogers was Manitoba Champion, Dad was actually a World Champion in 1984 and for me, obviously this and last year I was the Canadian Champion and then we got my younger brother Justin so it is definitely deep in our blood,” said Rogers.

Rogers has been at it for 12 years, learning the ropes from those around him and selling fence posts and power poles as he travels to sales.

“I’ll just practice away in the truck, just practice away selling whatever is on the road, kinda just working on your chant trying to make it better trying to switch it up a little bit.”

He says getting into this line of work is all about hard work and practicing.

“Just practice, you got to practice, practice, everybody pays their dues, kind of thing. When I came out of auction school same deal, I didn’t go right out and start selling I started working the ring and obviously worked out back since I was a young guy at Dad’s auction mart. So I’ve always been around the livestock auction, but to get up there and sell, most guys don’t give you the chance, you have to work your way up from the bottom.”

Here is Rogers’ Championship run courtesy Calgary Stampede Ag Media: