There’s one big national conversation going on Tuesday.

It’ll be hard to miss as farmers and consumers connect on social media and at events across the country “celebrating the food we love” as part of Canada’s Agriculture Day.

Once again, it appears there’s no shortage of passion and excitement in the many people who work in the various sectors of the industry across the country as they are shouting about how much they enjoy working in this industry from the roof-tops or better yet its online equivalent of social media.

A small sample of this excitement could be found at the Soderglen bull sale, northwest of Airdrie, Alberta this past weekend.   Rural Roots Canada asked several ranchers why they enjoy their work and this lifestyle so much.

Laura Vanderstoop, who ranches near Airdrie, says for her and her partner it’s all they’ve ever known and wouldn’t have it any other way.

“You know what, I grew up with this and my partner Jamie grew up with it, we’ve known each other for a long time and it gives our kids a healthy lifestyle and us everything that is fulfilling and rewarding,” said Vanderstoop.

Holding his son Olivier in the sale ring, Keith Wade says the industry is unique.

“It’s a business you don’t get anywhere else, you got kids and family and just everything, you don’t get that in a lot of other businesses, so that’s part of it for me,” said Wade.

Auctioneer Dean Edge simply looked up at all the people in the crowd at the sale, when he was asked about why he enjoyed working in the ag industry.

“I think it is the people involved, and the people are my family and for four generations now I have been in the cattle business and the livestock industry and I can go to a place like this and see all these other families have too, and we are on common ground, we think alike,” said Edge.  “We are asset rich and cash poor, we get by every day we get.”

Soderglen Cattle Manager Jared Sherman echoed that sentiment, saying it’s all about the people for him too.

“When you are around people like this who support us and when you can make a living in a business you love like the cattle industry and have a customer following like we have, it makes it kinda fun,” said Sherman.

Just a small sampling of the stories that will be shared across the country Tuesday on Canada’s Agriculture Day.

To get in on the conversation simply use #CdnAgDay on social media or for more information click here.

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