Brooks (Rural Roots Canada) – Maximizing farmers’ grain marketing reach utilizing technology.

Mike Witkowicz is the Vice-President of the Ag Exchange Group.

Witkowicz says it is important to realize all of the buyers that farmers can reach with the assistance of technology, adding it’s more important than ever given the increase of opportunities.

“It’s not linear anymore, it’s a spider-web and that spider-web is a global market place with more and more competitors so you want to have access to them,” Witkowicz said.

“You can only manage so many of those relationships, but there are technologies like CXN360 that makes yourself more accessible, it gives you time management, it gives you information, and honestly, the technology that is here is changing the game for how you can manage your business.”

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He says since there has been exponential growth since the wheat board ended.

“There’s more opportunities in processing, we’ve seen processors show up, we’ve seen canola crushers built  then there’s companies, there’s JGL Commodities, AGT Foods, new players have coming in and put down a big footprint, G3, Grains Connect.”

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Witkowicz adds that big companies that have previously avoided Canada are now buying in our country.

“Companies like Scoular, they are one of the world’s largest freight companies, but they are also one of the most efficient and effective container movers for moving grain.  GrainCorp, Agrocorp Processing coming and really looking at getting more of the pulses out of western Canada, CHS out of the States, Columbia Grain out of the States.  Everyone is looking because they have access to the Canadian marketplace.”

He adds companies out east like Sollio Agriculture is now coming west, making for one competitive marketplace.