Brooks (Rural Roots Canada) — Soil saturated.

Farmers across Alberta are dealing with high moisture levels while things look much drier in Manitoba

Jeremy Boychyn is the Agronomy Extension Specialist for the Alberta Wheat Commission and Alberta Barley Commission.

During RRC Virtual Ag Days last week, Boychyn spoke on the current moisture conditions across the prairies.

“For those of you in Alberta, you can really take note of how much moisture has come down in the northwestern part of that province,” Boychyn said.

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“Saskatchewan is sitting in a medium stage in there and it looks like Manitoba is a little bit drier.”

He says in Alberta there are excessive amounts of rain coming down saturating the soil causing stress on the crops.

“We’re seeing a lot of yellowing coming in and this is causing variable crops, so this is going to cause a challenge when it comes to harvest when it comes to glyphosate application and I imagine in those drier parts of Manitoba we will see issues with variable staging there as well and some late tillers.  It’s a mixed bag as it always is across the prairies.”

Meantime, things are looking not bad in Saskatchewan.

“We have some dry spots, but in general, we’re looking pretty good.”

In the next ‘Know What You Grow’ feature Jeremy Boychyn talks about how the current conditions will affect the harvest.

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