A jam packed day of agronomy expertise will once again be on display at this year’s Lacombe Field Day on Wednesday, July 24  at the Lacombe Field Crop Development Centre.

This year’s event is being put on by Alberta Barley.

Dave Bishop is the Chair of Alberta Barley.

Bishop says there is a lot information that will help everyone’s operations.

“See what varieties are coming down the pipe for selection in the future, there will be fertility sites there, disease sites, basically anything to do with the farm, it’s a research facility, so basically it’s a learning experience,” says Bishop.

“Maybe there’s something that you haven’t had yet maybe you might learn something or maybe you had this issue and you weren’t sure what it was, you may learn what it is there.”

It will once again be filled with interactive stations.

“There will be a walking tour where there will be stations set-up and you’ll just go from station to station and at each station there will be something new and different.”

Bishop says it is a can’t miss event.

“Just register and come out to it, it’s always a very good event with lots of information, so if you have time and you are around the area show up and enjoy it.”

For more information on the event and to register click here.