Chance Hofstra is in his final year with 4-H, a program that has been a part of his life for the past 12 years.

The 21-year-old says 4-H has given him a lot more than how to manage and care for a dairy project.

“Learning to work with other people, lots of people skills, leadership skills, being the president of my 4-H club I have learned how to get other people to work together, lots of teamwork,” says Hofstra.

Chance doesn’t have to look far in the club for support, his father Fred, is one of the leaders of the club.

Fred Hofstra says he has been a leader for nearly 15 years and enjoys the fact that the kids get so much out of the program.

“It’s rewarding to see these kids develop, We are starting them as young as six-year-olds, as a Cleaver kid and you watch them come in and give a speech when they are seven or eight years old and then you see them five years later it’s amazing to see the difference and the confidence that they have developed just by doing it and that’s the rewarding part.”

The Hofstra’s were in Olds, Alberta last week along with many other kids as part of Summer Synergy and the 2015 4-H Provincial Dairy Classic.

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