MD of Willow Creek (Rural Roots Canada) – It’s a big year for the Agricultural Service Board for the MD of Willow Creek.

It is the 65th Anniversary of the ASB and the municipal district is hoping to celebrate come November.

The ASB came into existence on February 27, 1956, when the MD held the ASB’s first board meeting in the municipal office in Fort Macleod.

The attendance that night in 1956 included:

  • Mr. H. Michael, who was the District Agriculturist, from Claresholm
  • Mr. William Roemmele from Claresholm
  • Mr. Norman Grier from Fort Macleod
  • Mr. T. Blunden from Fort Macleod
  • Mr. A.O. Patrick Patton who was the Chairman from Nanton.

The current fieldman for the M.D., Carla Preachuk says they still have relatives of the founding board members who work for the municipal district.

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ASB Background

Agricultural Service Boards were originally established to provide local municipal authority over the growing problems of weed infestation and soil degradation from wind and water.

Preachuk says up to this point, efforts to handle these concerns through limited provincial staff hadn’t been very effective.

“They found that locally-based programs with provincial coordination and technical support seemed to be the answer.”

In 1945 provincial legislation was passed for the Agricultural Service Board Act, which allowed rural jurisdictions to set up local Agricultural Service Boards to deal with weeds and soil erosion.

Preachuk says fieldmen across the province are very proud of the ASB’s history.

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The M.D. will be marking the 65th anniversary with a celebration later this year.

Preachuk says they will be holding their Land Banquet on November 5.

“It’s that evening where we have some interaction and updates on agricultural concerns and then we usually have some entertainment and a nice meal to help celebrate the families and producers in the MD of Willow Creek.”

Planning is in its early stages.