The new entrant program for the Egg Farmers of Alberta is in its second year, hoping to build off a successful launch.

After having a couple of new entrants last year, the Egg Farmers of Alberta’s new entrant program hoping to build on its previous success.

Spokesperson David Webb tells Rural Roots Canada the program encourages both young farmers and people who are looking to get into the industry a chance.

“It’s open to anyone who wants to get into egg farming and we are really looking forward to this year,” said Webb.  “We already have had some interest, people catching wind of the program last year and wanting to know when the details will be made available and it’s a great way to keep the industry turning over.”

Webb says the program provides long-term sustainability.

“We have a good range we’re starting to see a number of families transitioning from one generation to the next, certainly there wasn’t any concern but we want to keep our industry dynamic and vibrant and bringing fresh new perspectives into the industry is always a good thing to focus on continuous improvement and innovation and that’s just want we encourage.  And that’s why we like to have new people come in.”

There are over 155 egg farms in the province.

For more information on the New Entrant program click here.