(Rural Roots Canada) – We needed rain, we wanted rain, we asked for rain. We’ve had rain.

And, there’s a lot more to come.

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada reports seeding operations in parts of Saskatchewan have slowed, and even suspended in parts of Manitoba due to heavy rainfall.  And those are the same areas expected to receive the bulk of the precipitation this week:

prairie weather

The map above shows rainfall totals up to the evening of Sunday, May 26.  Well in excess of 50 mm can be expected in parts of southern and eastern Saskatchewan and western Manitoba. By contrast southeastern Alberta could receive only a few mm all week.

On a side note, rain is also forecast for the forests of northern Alberta, and almost all of British Columbia, which should help to reduce the impact of forest fires.

Back to the prairies, and back to the rain.   While the rain we’ve had didn’t necessarily end the long term drought, it did provide sufficient moisture for seeding, and with more rain on the way, there should be plenty of moisture in most areas for germination.

Rainfall was indeed significant over the past week.

In Alberta, the heaviest rain fell in the central and southern regions:

prairie weather

Rainfall was fairly evenly distributed in Saskatchewan, though slightly heavier in central regions:

prairie weather

Manitoba got swamped last week, and as mentioned above, the heavy rain led to the suspension of many seeding operations:

prairie weather

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Rain will continue to be prominent this week, and with soil becoming saturated in some areas, runoff will be a concern.


Rain is expected in central portions of all three prairie provinces, with snow in northern Manitoba.  As a Low tracks across the international border, showers and thundershowers are possible in the southern portions of all three prairie provinces.  It will be cool, with midday temperatures remaining below 10 degrees across the central prairies, though parts of southern Manitoba may experience temperatures close to 20 degrees.


Expect shower across southcentral Saskatchewan, moving into Manitoba late in the day.   In the afternoon, showers, and possibly thundershowers will develop in Alberta, particularly over the central foothills.  Of course, with thundershowers in Alberta, hail is always a possibility.  The low in the northern US will generate heavy rain south of the border, and those in southeastern Manitoba should remain vigilant for possible runoff.  Temperatures in southern Alberta  and southern Manitoba will warm up to the high teens, though Saskatchewan stays in the low teens.


More wet weather is expected in the foothills of Alberta, and in southern Manitoba, particularly east of the Red River.  Runoff will again be a concern in southeastern Manitoba.  It will be cooler than average with temperatures reaching only the low double digits across the prairies.   The exception being southeastern Saskatchewan and southwestern Manitoba, where it could warm to the high teens.


Rain returns to southern Saskatchewan, wrapping around a Low in Montana.   The rain could be heavy at times,  and may back into the southeastern corner of Alberta.   Runoff in the Cypress Hills may become a problem.  The rest of the prairies should remain dry.  It will be quite cold in the morning.  Watch for frost advisories for Alberta and Manitoba.  Cooler than average weather continues, with daytime highs only in the low double digits.


The heaviest rain of the week falls Friday in eastern Saskatchewan and Western Manitoba.  Amounts could easily exceed 50 mm, and with the gound already soaked from previous rainfall, this could be too much of a good thing.  A Low pressure system over Boissevain will draw plenty of moisture into the region.   Thunderstorms are a good possibility.  Temperatures in this area will remain barely above zero.  Western Saskatchwan and eastern Alberta should stay dry, though   showers, and maybe thundershowers are expected in the central foothills.  In Alberta, temperatures will climb back to the higher double digits.

Saturday and Sunday:

Wet and windy weather continues with showers across all three prairie provinces, and gusty wind in southern Alberta.  It will be cold again early both mornings, and there is the possibility of a light frost.  Afternoon temperatures will be near the seasonal average,  and in windy southern Alberta, it may even warm up to, or above 20 degrees.

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