Calgary (Rural Roots Canada) – Balancing the demands of farm life, business, and family can be daunting, but Karlene Yakemchuk handles it like a girlboss. 

Speaking at the AWC West 2024 Conference, Yakemchuk, owner of Scatter Spruce Ag Services, delivered a presentation titled “The Journey to Girlboss”, sharing her insights and experiences in the Canadian agriculture sector. 

Yakemchuk is part of a fourth-generation farming operation alongside her husband, their two daughters, and his family. The operation raises purebred Salers cattle and cash crops. With a degree and a diploma in Environmental Sciences from the University of Alberta and Lakeland College, respectively, her career has spanned roles within ag manufacturers, retailers and seed companies, providing her with a comprehensive understanding of the industry.  This experience led to the founding of Scatter Spruce Ag Services, where she offers agronomic consulting and assistance with grant applications. 

Throughout her presentation, Yakemchuk focused on key lessons she’s learned as a girlboss the hard way. She stressed the importance of networking and building strong connections. 

“Networking is huge,” she says. “Network like your life depends on it. Make those connections, continue to nourish them and allow them to thrive.”

She encouraged the younger generation to recognize their potential and to prevent themselves from becoming shoehorned into a specific role. 

“You are so much more than a summer student. There isn’t a box that you have to fit within.”

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She also focused on the importance of marketing yourself and your operation, whatever it may be. Yakemchuk built her marketing and communications plan for the farm operation and believes you should always work at evolving your marketing strategies. 

“There’s always things you can do better when it comes to marketing,” says Yakemchuk. “The industry is growing at such a rapid pace. The traditional methods of posting pictures and magazine ads. We’re in a new world now where magazines are edited and photoshopped and look like a beautiful production. It’s something to be proud of and something to work towards.”

Yakemchuk highlighted the significance of the AWC conference, describing it as an essential investment in your personal and professional growth. 

“There are many networking opportunities, ideas and topics discussed that are important, relevant, and large in scope. It’s a great event for your professional development and 110% worth it.” 

The next AWC event is taking place this November in Niagara Falls, Ontario. The AWC East 2024 Conference will include presentations from industry leaders, innovators, and advocates as AWC continues celebrating ten years of bringing together women in agriculture. 

Click here to learn more about the AWC East 2024 Conference and register. 

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