Getting grain to market has been a hot button issue in recent years across Western Canada.

A topic that Mike Witkowicz has heard from many farmers over the past couple of months as he has travelled the prairie provinces.

That is why the VP of Strategy and Business Development for the Ag Exchange Group has chosen to speak about the topic at the coming Rural Roots Canada Ag Days in Olds and Yorkton on March 1 and March 8 respectively.

‘Turing Winter Woes into the Winter Wows’ when it comes to moving grain will explore the challenges that he sees annually as well as the opportunities that are not necessarily top of mind.

Witkowicz says they have heard both excitement and frustration from farmers trying to get their grain to market.

”Excitement comes from the people who are diversified on their marketing that they have the local markets as well as they sell to line companies and exporters that export off the west coast,” says Witkowicz.

“The frustration is the movement always slows down in January, February and March with rail woes with avalanches and derailments, anything that can back it up.”



Witkowicz says the growers that have diversified have reached more potential buyers and are more excited as they are less subject to outside influences.

He says there have been solutions presented to help move grain by rail, but with pipelines not being built it creates more rail competition for the products being moved.

However, he’s not sure it is enough.

“There are solutions however, but I’m not sure they’re going to solve all the entire supply chain issues for exports for Canada and especially for grain.”

“I want to bring forward facts that stimulate, but then also bring solutions forward and ideas on solutions that will help producers change that woe to a wow.”

To register to hear Mike speak in Olds on Friday, March 1 or Yorkton on Friday, March 8 click here.

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