A town in southern Alberta has turned its focus to attracting agricultural businesses to the community.

High River is promoting itself as an agricultural hub and a place you want to do business.

The town’s Business Development Specialist Angela Groeneveld says this is where ag businesses will succeed.

“We are already naturally forming that agricultural hub, so the customer base is already here for you,” said Groeneveld.  “We are known that this is feedlot alley in southern Alberta and build off of that, build off the sectors that are already here, so that is why we are proactively going out and promoting High River as the place to set up your agricultural business.”

Part of the campaign was to create a video telling the story of the town’s support of the agricultural community.

“What’s a better way to let the world know of all the businesses that are located in our community.  It is also another way to identify these businesses and strictly target agricultural audience and share this information with them.”

Groeneveld says they looked to the community for people to be a part of telling the story.

“These are a portion of the successful businesses in High River and there is no better way to talk to the audience from the people themselves, so getting those testimonials from those folks that’s them saying why they chose High River, why they are successful in High River.   We just wanted to give them an opportunity to showcase and share their story.”

They are hoping the campaign will grow its agricultural presence in the province and Western Canada.