Value creation, seed synergy as well as some updates on the industry are expected to be the focus over the next few days at the Alberta Seed Growers’ Annual General Meeting in Kananaskis.

Executive Director Kelly Chambers says there will be a lot of information and discussion around value creation.

“What is happening with value creation? What is it? What does it mean to our industry? And the value proposition for investing in future plant genetics in Canada,” says Chambers.

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The agenda doesn’t stop there.

Chambers says their national organization has a lot of information to pass along to membership.

“Our branch is our means to provide communication on local issues and challenges. A lot of what is facing our industry is on the national level so they will be there to make sure our members are up to speed.”

The event isn’t all business and that’s why Chambers says they picked Kananaskis as the location for it.

“It provides an opportunity to have fun once all the business is done. We have a family event taking place at Nakiska, we’re going to go snow-tubing. There’s nothing better than to grow relationships with your fellow members than to have some fun together.”

The AGM runs February 7 – 9, to see the full agenda click here.