Stakeholders in the forage and grazing world will be converging on Calgary next week.

Soil carbon and soil health will be the focus of the 9th annual Canadian Forage and Grasslands Conference.

It is taking place November 13 – 15 at the Sheraton Cavalier.

Cedric MacLeod is the Executive Director of the Canadian Forage and Grasslands Association.

He says a lot of ground will be covered during the conference.

“Strong focus this year on carbon, soil carbon and soil health impacts of having forages on the landscape got some pretty dynamic speakers coming to talk about carbon markets and protocols that are happening around North America to capitalize upon carbon sequestration and over the long-term putting some dollars in producers jeans,” says MacLeod

He says the speakers will also be talking about forage management.

“We have also rounded out the core body of our conference with experts from around North America in various aspects of basic forage management and we hear reports of some extension that basic forage establishment is still a limiting factor to getting high-performance yields over the life of that forage stand.“

MacLeod says they want producers to leave with the information to help them maximize every acre.

“So we are going to be talking about seeding, feeding, grazing, harvesting, planning your forage stand from basically start to finish and maximize the value you are getting per acre for every one of your forage acres.”

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