The “Roaring 50’s” will be on full display at this year’s Calgary Stampede during the Vintage Tractor Pull and Show and Shine.

Don Ellingson sits on the Vintage Tractor Committee, he says the theme is fitting.

“The fifties was a great era in the tractor manufacturing industry, there was a lot of advancements for tractors during the fifties that made them more efficient and more pulling power and different types of hitch arrangements,” says Ellingson.

“The fifties was a great decade in the tractor manufacturing business.”

He says when the engines are roaring and the pull is underway the competition really heats up.

“Lots of interest and lots of competition between the brands. Some people think that John Deere is the best and will out-pull.  Some people think Allis Chalmers or Massey tractors are going to win, there’s always a rivalry between the competitors and the people in the stands.”

The crowds will also have a chance to vote for their favourite tractor through the People’s Choice awards.

He says while there is a lot of competition, there is also a lot of comradery.

“I’ve gone to tractor pulls where one guy took the spark plugs out of his tractor, put them in the other guy’s tractor so that he could pull.”

Ellingson says in this case the guy he lent the plugs to ended up beating him.

“It’s all for fun, it’s quite a group of guys we don’t really have an organization here in Alberta, but we really enjoy getting together and enjoy each other’s company.”

The Vintage Tractor Pull and Show and Shine take place July 6 & 7 on the Stampede grounds.  There will also be five tractors from the 1950’s in the Calgary Stampede Parade.

Full Schedule: 

  • Fri, July 4 – Five Vintage Tractors will be rolling down the Calgary Stampede Parade route.
  • Sat, July 6 at 11:15 a.m. – Day 1 Pull in Nutrien Western Event Center
  • Sat, July (5 – 6 p.m.) – Day 1 Show & Shine in Country Trail. We will be encouraging folks to tweet their vote for favorite tractor for the Peoples Choice Award.
  • Sun, July 7 (4:30 – 5:30 p.m.) – Day 2 Show & Shine in Country Trail
  • Sun, July 7 at 6:30 p.m. – Day 2 Pull in NWEC.  People Choice Twitter voting tabulation.  Awards presentation.