The Straw Man Canadian Beef Industry strategy needs all stakeholders in the industry to help it to take the next step forward.

The initiative, is being driven by key industry stake-holders from across the country.

The whole plan, which was initiated by three men in Alberta, was brought together so all stake-holders in the industry can sell with Canadian Beef with confidence.

One of the three ‘Straw Men’, Kim McConnell, says that plan now needs more input…

“I think people will find the November 26th meeting to be interesting, to be informative, there’s lots of openness, there’s lots of interaction, we’ll present a recommendation, and then we’ll have people comment on that and ask is this in line? Do you see this moving things forward? This is how we suggest and that’s how we’ll go,” McConnell said.

A meeting for Western Canada stakeholders will be held at the Deerfoot Inn and Casino on November 26 at 1:30 and will be held along side the Canfax Market Outlook meetings.

“It’s open to all that have a vested interest in having a strong beef industry from producers to feedlot operators to packers to retail stores, it’s open to all.”

McConnell says this is an overall industry perspective and it’s aimed at determining how we can bring short and long term profitability into all sectors of the industry.

To register for the meeting you must email Gloria Jewison at