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Is company coming for the holidays and you still need to figure out what you are baking?  Barley can be the answer!

Alberta Barley’s Market Development Manager Linda Whitworth tells Rural Roots Canada barley can be a life saver in terms of giving you yummy treats for your family and friends.

Whitworth says she has a favourite at this time of year, which can be found on their website, GoBarley.com.

“One that comes to top of mind is chewy caramel squares and it is featured right on the home page. It uses 100 per cent barley flour in making it with some nuts and some vanilla and brown sugar and it is just delicious,” said Whitworth.

Whitworth says another favourite around her household is Chocolate Dipped Almond Biscotti.

Now biscotti is a little more tricky to make because it is cooked twice so you make it in a long loaf pan on a cookie sheet, once that has cooked you cut it into half-inch slices, I do it on a diagonal it gives each end a nice look.  And then you cook it on low in the oven until it is very crisp then you garnish it with some white and milk chocolate either dipping it or drizzling it over so it is really pretty and it’s really lovely sitting beside a cup of coffee on a plate.”

All of these recipes are on Alberta Barley’s Go Barley website.

They will also be out with a 256 page cookbook, which has 110 recipes in it in April, however it can be pre-ordered by clicking here.